Fat Loss Diets and Workout Overload – Are You Making This Huge Mistake?

After spending a good amount of time working hard and developing some solid muscle mass, you might want to now switch over and start up a fat loss diet, helping to shed some of the excess weight you gain in the muscle building process.


It’s a good idea to alternate gaining and fat loss cycles like this because in order to see optimal results, you really must focus on one or the other.


Big problems come when people tend to try and achieve both goals at once – building muscle and losing body fat, since the two are pretty much in direct opposition to each other from a metabolic viewpoint.


But, when switching over the fat loss diet and process, many people wind up making huge mistakes – mistakes that leaves them far from the goal they were going after.


Volume Overload and Fat Loss Diets


Potentially the biggest mistake you’ll find people making is volume overload. When they switch their diet over to fat loss, they also make some changes in their workout program, namely, they ramp up the amount of volume they are doing, either in the form of more total exercises performed, a greater number of reps, or a higher frequency of sets per session.


Huge mistake.




When dieting, the body is going to have fewer energy reserves to draw upon to help you recover from these sessions, and if you aren’t recovering from your workouts, you’re coming back to each one weaker than you were before (since, when a muscle hasn’t recovered, that means it literally still has microtears present, which will impact it’s overall strength).


Do this often enough and you’ll begin to see muscle breakdown, leading to loss.


Not good.


Remember that your muscle tissue is like a little calorie burning powerhouse, so when you destroy some of it, you’ve just lowered how many calories you burn per day. When you do that, that means you’re going to have to reduce your food intake to match this.


Less food on a diet is something that most dieters just do not want to hear.


But, long workouts are what will cause this situation to happen.


So, quick fat loss tip – when you switch over to fat loss mode, if you’re going to change anything at all about your workouts, make it the total volume.


Reduce the amount of sets you are doing, the amount of exercises (cut out isolation, preferably), just whatever you do, do not reduce the amount of weight you are lifting, as that is what signals the body to keep the muscle mass you have.



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