Fat Loss and Quick Loss – Top 5 Secrets Revealed to Lose Healthy Weight

Looking for fat loss? Want quick loss? This article delivers the real fat loss techniques that show how to go about ways to lose weight fastest and how you can start to lose rapid weight and why you should not lose weight by not eating. If you want stomach loss, then read this and lose weight weeks later! Maintain weight control, and lose healthy weight!

1. You Won’t Lose Weight By Not Eating

The first and false fat loss technique that most people think about is to lose weight by not eating. It seems like a logical and easy way to lose weight to an average Joe/Jane, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Without getting too scientific on you guys I’ll explain why this is a bad fat loss technique. Our metabolisms act faster and help lose weight fastest when we eat meals more frequently. If you eat less to lose weight, what you are actually doing is slowing down your metabolism which will only increase fat gain with each meal.

2. The Miracle Diet to Reduce Weight

The ugly truth about miracle diets is that, there is no top diet to lose weight in days. Proven weightl oss techniques come from basic steps to controlling weight gain, such as eating more meals with less calories rather than more calories with less meals. Stop trying these lose “10 pounds, fat gone in 2 days” type of miracle diets, and try these basic and simple weight loss tips.

3. Carbohydrates – Good Carbs vs. Bad Carbs

There are two main types of carbohydrates, low-glycemic carbs and high-glycemic carbs. High-glycemic carbs increase your insulin levels which increase your fat storage and thus leads to fat gain. Generally you want to stay with low-glycemic carbs for losing weight. So this would be brown rice, sweet potatoes, whole wheat pasta, oatmeal and a few other options. You would want to avoid all bread products, white rice, white pasta, white potatoes and any products with refined sugar, corn syrup, glucose, fructose or any other fancy word for sugar. The worst part about eating a hamburger isn’t the fatty burger, it’s the accompanying bread and condiments which increase insulin and help store the fat from the burger.

4. Timing Your Carbohydrates

Ever heard someone say that eating before bed leads to weight gain? This statement is only partly true. Eating the wrong foods, such as carbohydrates before you go to sleep will lead to increased fat storage, but your body needs food to repair itself while you sleep. The foods you should be eating before bed are proteins, which help to repair minor tears in your muscles that happen throughout the day. Eat the most of your carbohydrates in the morning and slowly wean off of them by mid-afternoon. Start now and you will loose weight weeks later.

5. Timing Your Cardio

Most people do cardio after meals, which is the direct opposite of what they need to do. Carbohydrates are stored in your body as glycogen (sugar). If you eat then workout, your body will use the glycogen to fuel itself rather than burning your fat. The best fat loss exercise you can do is cardio first thing in the morning before any meals. This way your body burns the fat without glycogen flowing around in your body.

These are just some of my many secrets that I use with my clients on a regular basis. Make sure to get checked by your physician regular and check with your doctor prior to trying out any of these proven weight loss techniques.

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